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Package menu



If you have a special diet, gluten free, lactose free, salt free, etc. Please notify your waiter.
  • French bread

    with butter Maître d’hôtel

  • Farmers bread

    with and brown served with aïoli, butter Maître d’hôtel and tapenade

  • Caesar salad

    salad of fresh fried chicken, romaine lettuce, croutons, egg, red onion, Parmesan cheese, bacon, tomatoes and Caesar dressing

  • Goat cheese *

    from the oven, on a fresh salad with sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, kohlrabi, nut mix and a green herb dressing

    * Vegetarian
  • Vitello Tonatto

    thinly sliced veal with tuna cream and fresh salad

  • Thinly sliced filet steak

    with Parmesan cheese, pine tree seeds and pesto-mayonnaise or truffle mayonnaise

  • Asian style prawns

    with lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chilli served with bread

  • Mini fried mushrooms *

    with shallots, roasted peppers and garlic butter served with crispy toast

    * Vegetarian


Soups are made of fresh ingredients.
  • Farmers chicken

    soup with vegetables, vermicelli and pieces of chicken

  • Tomato soup

    with vermicelli and small meat balls

  • French onion soup

    with sauted onions and a gratinated cheese crouton

  • Creamy soup based on Zaanse mustard

    with fried bacon and spring onion rings

Main course

Main course

All our main courses are served with vegetables, potatoes, french fries and salad
  • Marinated chicken skewers

    and sauce of choice

  • Pork escalope

    with sauce of your choice

  • Pork escalope with ham and cheese

    with sauce of your choice

  • Ravioli *

    filled with beetroot and balsamico, served with green asparagus, old goat cheese and white port dressing

    * Vegetarian
  • Grilled sea bass

    with beetroot hummus and harissa

  • Fried plaice

    with baby bell peper and remoulade

  • Small tournedos

    with sauce of your choice

  • Pork fillet

    with sauce of your choice

  • Sauce of choise

    Gypsy sauce, pepper sauce, peanut sauce, remoulade, brie sauce or mushroom cream sauce



  • Mont blanc

    vanilla ice cream with a dutch creamy egg liqueur and whipped cream

  • Café Glacé

    vanilla ice cream with a dutch creamy egg liqueur and whipped cream

  • Sorbet

    vanilla ice cream with fruit, strawberry sauce and whipped cream

  • Dame Blanche

    vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

  • Vanilla ice cream

    with whipped cream

  • Salad

    of various fresh fruit

  • Tart of milk chocolate and passion fruit*

    served with bueno ice cream*

Special Coffee's

Special Coffee's

  • Choise:

    Irish (Whiskey)*
    Spanish (Tia Maria)*
    French (Grand Marnier)*
    Italian (Amaretto)*
    D.O.M. (Benedictine)*
    Kiss of Fire (Tia Maria en Cointreau)*
    Jamaican (Tia Maria en bruine rum)*

*For these dishes we charge a surcharge of € 2.50 per dish