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Package menu



If you have a special diet, gluten free, lactose free, salt free, etc. Please notify your waiter.
  • Burrata *

    with bruschettta, smoked basil oil, pickled watermelon, tomato gel, balsamic glaze and fresh salad

    * Vegetarian
  • Beef carpaccio

    Thinly sliced filet steak with Parmesan cheese, seed mix, tomatoes and mixed salad

  • Sashimi watermelon *

    pickled, with wakame, pickled ginger, wasabi mayonnaise and seaweed crispy

    * Vegetarian
  • Beef tataki

    with sushi rice, sesame, edamame beans, wasabi mayonnaise and nori prawn crackers

  • Iberico ribfingers

    with kimchi, spring onion, fried glass noodles and kimchi flakes

  • Asian style prawns

    wiht lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chili served with bread

  • Goat cheese salad *

    Two goat cheese croquettes and date bread with fig chutney on a fresh salad of beetroot, cherry tomatoes, apple, nuts and honey

    * Vegetarian
  • Caesar salad

    salad of romaine lettuce, croutons, egg, red onion, Parmesan cheese, fried bacon, cherry tomatoes, Caesar dressing and Japanese Karaage chicken nuggets

  • Carpaccio salad

    fresh salad with thinly sliced tenderloin, dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, arugula, seed mix and truffle mayonnaise

  • French white bread

    with butter Maître d'hôtel

  • Luxury bread board

    multigrain bread with herb butter, hummus and aioli



Soups are made of fresh ingredients.
  • Paprika-tomato soup *

    tomatoes and roasted red peppers with sun-dried tomatoes and basil crème fraiche

    * Vegetarian
  • French onion soup

    with sauted onions and a cheese crouton

  • Coconut curry soup

    with pieces of chicken, bean sprouts, spring onion and coriander

  • Mustard soup

    with finely sliced smoked sausage and puffed cheese croutons (also vegetarion option)

Main course

Main course

All our main courses are served with vegetables, potatoes, french fries and salad
  • Fried plaice

    with remoulade sauce and pumpkin cream

  • Grilled sea bass

    with pearl couscous, fennel salad and antiboise

  • Saté Ajam

    skewer of chicken thighs with satay sauce, cassava prawn crackers, gado gado salad, fried onions, seroendeng

  • Burger Akersloot

    burger, served on a Brioche bun with little gem, tomato, pickles, cheese and smokey BBQ mayonnaise

  • Buttery chicken

    duo of buttery soft grilled chicken fillet and sous vide cooked chicken cutlet

  • Ravioli beetroot *

    charcoal colored raviolis, filled with beetroot, aceto balsamic vinegar, creamy cèpes sauce, fried basil, smoked olive oil and goat cheese

    * Vegetarian
  • New Meat burger *

    vegan burger with little gem salad, tomato, pickle, smokey BBQ mayonaisse on a sesame bun

    * Vegetarian
  • Pasta pie *

    wiht linguine pasta, dried cherry tomatoes, basil, spinach and Parmesan cheese

    * Vegetarian
  • Pappardelle bolognese

    Pappardelle pasta with a beef tomato sauce and Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese curls

  • Schnitzel du chef

    Escalope with sauce of your choice

  • Cordon Blue

    pork escalopoe with ham and cheese, with a sauce of your choice

  • Veal liver

    served with a tarte tartin of red onion and fried bacon

  • Pork fillet du chef

    with a sauce of your choice

  • Stir-fried tenderloin tips with prawns

    with different vegetables, basmati rice, lime and an Oriental sesame sauce



  • Crème brûlée

    caramelized vanilla flan with a scoop of cherry sorbet ice cream

  • Chocolate moelleux

    warm chocolate cake with a soft filling, served with a scoop of yogurt ice cream

  • Dessert cocktail *

    forest fruit compote, cherry sorbet ice cream and a vegan whipped cream

    * Vegetarian
  • Fresh fruit

    salad of various fresh fruit

  • Combi coup

    choice of: vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, lime sorbet ice cream, yogurt ice cream, cherry sorbet ice cream with whipped cream

  • Mont blanc

    Vanilla ice cream with a Dutch creamy egg liquer and whipped cream

  • Classic sorbet

    vanilla ice cream with fruit, strawberry sauce and whipped cream

  • Dame blance

    vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream