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Facilities Zwembad Suite

Ever wanted to have a private pool in your own room?! Our pool suites make this possible. To make full use of all facilities during your stay, you will find more information about the facilities of the suite here.

Bubble bath
The operation of the hot tub is very simple. You will find a touch button on the edge of the bath. Here you press once to start the bubbles and again to stop the bubbles again. The bath should be filled for about 2/3 before it starts to bubble. In addition, you will find a touch button on the edge of the bath, which you can use to switch on the light in the bath. The stopper of the bath works by means of a rotary knob on the edge of the bath. When you use the hand shower of the bath, it can only be rolled up again by pulling it out and rolling it back. After using the bath, it will rinse once more after a few minutes, this in connection with a cleaning program.

You can operate the TV with the remote control. The TV will boot into a screen with several tiles. You can choose what you would like to watch on TV. You do this by using the remote control and when you are on the desired choice by pressing the Enter key.

Coffee/tea facilities
The coffee maker in the room can provide you with a delicious cup of coffee or tea. With the coffee maker you can make a cup of coffee using the left and middle buttons. If you want a cup of tea, you can use the right button. Now only hot water will come out of the coffee maker.

From 5 pm it is possible to order room service for dinner. For this it is possible to use the QR code that can be found in the room or to contact the reception by telephone via number 9 on the room telephone. For the delivery of room service, an amount of €15 room service costs will be charged on top of the dinner costs. It is also possible to pick up the order yourself in the restaurant, in this case only the dinner costs will be charged and the room service costs will be waived.

Air conditioning
You can operate the air conditioning in the room using the control panel on the wall. Here it is possible to switch the air conditioning on and off and it is also possible to set the temperature.

To lock the locker you can enter a 4-digit code and then press the 'Lock' button. If you have a locker with the enter and close buttons, you can still enter the 4-digit code and then first press enter and then close.

To open the locker again, enter the same 4-digit code, the locker will then open again.

To use the WiFi, you can connect to the device with the following data:

Network – Hotel Akersloot
Password - hotelakersloot

The password is written together and small letters.

If you have any questions about one of the facilities, we are happy to help you. You can use the room phone to call the reception on number 9. The reception is available 24 hours a day.